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It lives!

It claims to be a collapsing silo, but that’s a lie. They are here, and now¬†they walk among us. (h/t Jonathan Turley)

RIP Ray Bradbury

He gave us so much to think about while being one of the best tellers of stories ever. So adieu to Ray Bradbury. Well done.

Thanks for Fahrenheit 451. Thanks for The Martian Chronicles. Thanks for The Illustrated Man. Thanks for all of it.

Memory at my age is imperfect, but I think I met the man about 40 years ago when I accompanied my boyfriend of the day to Bradbury’s home in Woodstock NY where he was to interview him. But like I said, memory is imperfect. (Stay tuned. I may get confirmation either way by email.)

Data does Jean Luc

For Star Trek fans: