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Things you miss when you don’t watch CSPAN: Oh my.

For Facebook/Star Trek fans: Who was the speaker at the National Press Club lunch this month just broadcast on CSPAN2? Why, George Takei was the speaker.

george takeiGeorge_Takei_Sulu_Star_TrekHe is surprised to find himself a celebrity again – at age 70 –  a Facebook phenom with millions of followers. As a follower myself, I was interested to learn that when he first turned to Facebook, it was with a mission in mind –  to educate younger generations about the WWII Japanese internment in the US. Takei grew up in a camp.

Hey, he thought, maybe use some humor to get a few people to his page. Maybe that would drive some traffic. And maybe he could toss in some advocacy for gay rights? That could help a little. Maybe.

4.9 million Facebook followers says he was right. Oh my.

Ignorance. Fear. Blame.

The late Octavia Butler was an important sci-fi author and a favorite of mine. In re-reading her Parable of the Talents 15 years later, I came across this verse. It feels frighteningly relevant to the world we inhabit today. But she did leave out something I think is an essential part of today’s regressive right-wing narrative: Find someone to blame.


Ignorance protects itself. Promotes suspicion.

Suspicion engenders fear.

Fear quails, irrational and blind.

Or fear looms, defiant and closed.

Blind, closed, suspicious, afraid.

Ignorance Protects itself. And protected,  ignorance grows.

Good morning

It’s to be wind and rain all day. Since it never snows here,  that’s what passes for a cozy day inside and I’ll take it. Except for an essential errand this afternoon and a brief visit with an unnaturally old person, I shall snuggle in. There is a pile of books, even a few new magazines. Now if it were to be an absolutely perfect day, an old Sci Fi B movie would show up somewhere on my teevee. Like War of the Worlds (not the stupid Tom Cruise version).

Meanwhile, on CSpan 2 are two authors with books about Afghanistan. One is Seth Jones (Graveyard of Empires). I’m only listening with half an ear, but it does remind me that today is the 141st day of the ninth year of the War in Afghanistan.