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Brave Palinites venture into – gasp! – Wikipedia

H/T BoingBoing via Eschaton

Angered by the disrespect shown SarahPAC over her thoroughly American and patriotic commentary on Paul Revere’s ride, her loyal minions have braved the “liberal” shores of Wikipedia in a frantic effort to rewrite the entry. Honest.¬† (They considered using Conservapedia but¬†nobody ever goes there.)

Check out section 21, here.

UPDATE: Turns out there was a bit of mischief at Conservapedia after all!

She makes me hurt all over

(This is going to piss off our friend Alan. But that’s not why I’m putting it up.)

Listen to this voice. Would you buy laundry detergent if urged to do so by this voice? How about tires? Handi wipes?