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Just stopping by: Bobblespeak link

Moe’s vacation continues and perhaps a bit longer than anticipated.  I’ve just  suffered the horror of The Rise of the Planet of the Comcast for two plus days. Increasingly this is a regular event – but they’re the only game in town which leads to a somewhat cavalier definition of  ‘customer service’. Verizon FIOS is on the way, but hasn’t reached me yet. Is it any better in your neighborhood?

I am now back online but still on vacation. Before I return to my quiet place, let me remind us all to visit here because moonshinepatriot has again stepped up and watched the Sunday gabfests, so we don’t have to. The raw material for ridicule thins out when Davide Gregory isn’t on air but here’s a Meet the Press tidbit with Samantha Guthrie in for Gregory anbd Robert Gibbs in for the whoever.