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Oh this is a real treat

At 3:20 in, Bruce and John Fogarty do a proper Roy Orbison. Pure joy.

The real Friday oldie

Such a unique voice. How about that bit of photoshopping – or perhaps it is airbrushing (for younger readers, that’s a technology from the dark ages). Hope Roy saw it before he died.

Friday Night Oldie

My laptop is dead. The hard drive expired. My files are safe online (thank you Mozy!!!) but right now I can’t access individual files – including the record of Friday Oldies (the blog page is a bit out of date). If this is a reprise, so be it. And anyway, when isn’t it a delight to hear Roy Orbison? He took this one to the “Top Ten” in 1963.

Friday oldie

For some reason, youtube decided last night to once again allow me access to my original youtube account. I’ve no explanation for this any more than I have for why they shut me out a few months ago. Look what I found . . .




Friday oldie

It is Friday this time, isn’t it? Oh, that treble . . . (watch the volume – this one is, um, exhuberant)

Early oldie – because I can

Doesn’t get a lot better than this

Not an oldie but for the ages

I love putting up music videos. The best part is trolling around on youtube and seeing what comes up. It’s easy to lose a morning just in the seeking. Like window shopping. Today I found this. Did anyone ever look less like a singer* than K.D. Lang ? Is anyone more sublime? This is a 2005 concert version.

* Okay, I guess Roy Orbison also qualifies.