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Could it be 55 years since ‘the music died’? Yes, it could.

In the Oldie comments, Jim Wheeler reminded me that Bobby Vee’s career was launched in February 1959 (The Day The Music Died) when he went on for Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper after their plane went down.

Then that reminded me of this – an astonishing and very entertaining lip-dub performed by the whole damn city of Grand Rapids. I think I posted it a few years ago, but it’s always worth another visit. Enjoy.

I really hope they lip-sync Freddie

Because no one else can do him justice. There’s to be a movie.

It’s the 30th anniversay of what? What??!!!??

Oh wow . . .

I can’t put this in the queue . . . just found it and must post it. Chuck Berry with Bruce!

Friday oldie!

Ahh, slow dancing to The Platters . . . I fell in love every single time.

How about two Friday oldies?

One by the ‘real’ Queen, and one from my distant past. A little Freddie (go to 1:25 in for the very best of the man – this one’s from Live Aid in 1984), and a little Jerry Lee (a more mature, more nuanced Jerry Lee and only one time kicking the piano stool) . . .

Trivia question: What other infamous American was Jerry Lee’s cousin?

Friday night oldies (Ed tells me it’s Thursday)

Let’s boogie. (Yeah, this was proto-rock and roll. Honest.)

Friday night oldie

In 1959, he was with Richie Valens and Buddy Holly when their plane went down – that day was later memorialized by Don McLean in his song American Pie as  The Day The Music Died.  Here’s hisself, The Big Bopper.