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Protect the hypothetical toddlers!

We must! Because hypothetical babies can hypothetically drown in real pools unless four ugly door alarms are installed. So sayeth the County in which I reside. I could bypass the required alarms were I to install about $4000 worth of fence; not a particularly difficult choice.

I’m told by the guys working on my pool – which is nearly done – that once the inspector confirms that alarms have been installed, it’s expected and well known that the homeowner will pull the batteries.

There’s an old saying that we always fight the last war. Another about closing the barn door after the horse has gotten out. Let us add that because a two-year old somewhere sometime drowned in a pool, all hypothetical two-year olds shall be protected in the future from a hypothetical drowning.

This is either what conservatives call overreach or perhaps a commissioner had a brother-in-law in the alarm business. Either way, it serves no apparent purpose. Negligence cannot be legislated away. And children don’t need to be protected from responsible adults.

So this is an annoyance which I will forget in the sheer pleasure of having a pool.

And since all things are not perfect, no picture accompanies this stage in pool construction because the camera seems to have wandered off. I will survive