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Follow the brite blue (?) link

Can’t embed video or find transcript – but here’s Stewart’s monologue. It’s very good.


UPDATE: Blogfriend mac has the transcript up here. And here’s the vid (I’m leaving the link up above, in case Comedy Central blacks out this video at youtube.)

I watched it. Most of it.

Jon Stewart chose to do his monologue at the close of The Rally to Restore Sanity, rather than at the beginning.

Great move because he sent people away with a pitch-perfect closing. Sane, serious, non partisan, terrific monologue. I hope Comedy Central posts a transcript – I imagine video will be available, but I’d love to have a transcript. If anyone comes across one, please let me know. (He took exquisite aim at cable news, a favorite target of his.)

(One note: I wish he’d used the Daily Show ‘correspondants’ more. I’d love to have seen them all onstage doing maybe a tongue-in-cheek musical number a la the Capitol Steps. That would have been fun.)

Gosh I hope Rush watched.

Rally to Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are cooking up some funny. October 30, 2010 – the National Mall in Washington DC. It’s apparently real. Stewart showed some of the signs that will be avilalbe for waving. 

MY FAVORITE: “I’m not afraid of Muslims, socialists, immigrants, gays . . . (flip over) but I am kinda scared of spiders”

Ahh, Colbert is on now . . . we will apparently have dueling rallies.

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