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I didn’t know we were THIS far behind . . .

Or more accurately, I didn’t realize how much of the developed world has surpassed us in the expansion of universal human rights. To wit: dark blue indicates where same sex marriage is expressly forbidden by law. Do you see dark blue anywhere but in the US???

Did you ever wonder what it would take to shake Alan Keyes out of his hidey-hole?

Who gives a speech wearing a hat?

Wonder no more. It’s gay stuff!!! Teh sex stuff!!! The dreadful gay agenda stuff and poor Penn State!! He had to speak up:

Despite the almost religious promotion of homosexuality now in evidence at all too many of America’s institutions of so-called “higher learning,” it’s hard to believe that they would thus willingly sacrifice themselves to the gods of “political correctness,” especially given the fact that the zealous advocates of homosexual rights are still pretending to draw the line at the sexual abuse of children.

Maybe he sniffs an opening in the GOP field.  C’mon down Alan, join the party!