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The future? Not my problem

This from Politico a few days back – the House Energy and Commerce committee which wants to block EPA rules basically (they want to override EPA on the science of global warming, cuz they’re all such great climatologists) – now want to forbid EPA from declaring carbon dioxide to be a greenhouse gas. Truth. They really do – rename it and problem goes away.

“Some Republicans refuted the claim that global warming science has been settled. “We should not put the U.S. economy in a straightjacket because of a theory that hasn’t been proven,said Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas). “To put this amendment into the law I think would go against everything that people on both sides of the aisle say they’re for.””

That’s kind of the same reasoning John Yoo used to define torture – “it’s torture when it results in organ failure”. And heaven’s sake, we don’t need seawalls just because floods might happen. And why vaccinate little Johnny when it’s probably going to be little Susie who gets polio? Seat belts? Nonsense, I can’t see the car around the corner that’s going to hit me!

When Barton’s ‘proof’ arrives, it will be too late; perhaps he’ll see it when  his favorite golf course is underwater.

And then there was this from Ezra Klein:

Confronted by one of the most significant threats our planet faces, the 31 House Republicans charged with coordinating America’s response refused to even admit the underlying facts.

Good morning my friends at FOX

I rarely tune into Fox and Friends in the morning. But Mica B on MSNBC chases me away because she is so irritating. And CNN talks to their audience as if they were in seventh grade. The Fox crowd at least provides entertainment. Like the cryon across the bottom of the screen this morning while The Gretchen was almost yelling at Sen. Schumer about the Medicare bribe in the Senate health care bill. (She was really enjoying herself!).

The cryon? Here’s what it said:


None of that planning stuff for them. Planning is for pussies.

(We know there aren’t any pussies in Afghanistan though, there are only real men and woman – often boys and girls – there, and they still fighting on the 138th day of the ninth year of the War.)

UPDATE: Fox is not alone in their choice of verbs. Our friends at Politico are also using it – wonder who was first? Their headline is:

WH privately plots 2012 campaign.  They also tell us it’s an EXCLUSIVE!  

Here’s how they open: President Barack Obama’s top advisers are quietly laying the groundwork for the 2012 reelection campaign . .

Somebody really needs to do something about this outrage.