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A few reality checks

1. An observation from David Frum on Krugman here – from a few months back:

Imagine, if you will, someone who read only the Wall Street Journal editorial page between 2000 and 2011, and someone in the same period who read only the collected columns of Paul Krugman. Which reader would have been better informed about the realities of the current economic crisis? The answer, I think, should give us pause. Can it be that our enemies were right?

Frum’s full post here.

2. Here’s a story about another blogger who got it right –  Calculated Risk  (CAUTION: lefty favorite!) – from Business Insider (here).

The Genius Who Invented Economics Blogging Reveals How He Got Everything Right And What’s Coming Next

3.  And finally, from Investors Business Daily (here):

US Deficit shrinking faster than at any time since WWII

They want to rig it, not fix it

Isn’t it a comfort to know that Gov. Voldemort and his paranoid cynical minions in the Florida Republican Patty are moving aggressively, along with other Republican legislatures, to fix a non-problem that they invented out of thin air ? Just like with that earlier threat to the nation, ‘Welfare Queens’, attention must be paid!

Voter registration fraud must be stopped! And dammit, here in Florida, we’re making that happen. Just in my own tri-county area, where we’ve finished running the State lists against our own rolls, of our 100K+ registered voters, two have been proved to be cases of actual voting fraud. Two whole people.

Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars plus thousands of man hours from public employees have been expended. Two cases.

Today, The NY Times (sorry, no linkee) reports that in 2005, the election reform bipartisan ‘commision of  that day, led by former Sect’y of State James Baker and former Prez Jimmy Carter, found  that 140,000 Florida voters were registered for absentee ballots in four other states – 46,000 in New York City alone. Another 60,000 were also registered  simultaneously in North or South Carolina. When a few thousand of those registered for absentee ballots in Florida, their second state, there was no investigation. Repeat, there was no investigation.

In a comment thread over at MashedPotatoBulletin about the voter ID push, I said:

I don’t think many people would object if the process were announced and then implemented over a period of years allowing sufficient time for everyone to get the ID. Once we’ve all got one, it’ll be easy to put a process in place to plug in new voters as they qualify. In fact, I think every citizen should be issued a voter ID card whether they register or not. Just get it done and cut out that silly middle step.. It could be Federal and make it acceptable for all States.

If it were done that way, I’d be fine with it. But of course that’s not how it’s being done because ID itself is not the point. Suppression is the point.

Onward Christian soldiers. March as to war; it’s the Republican way.

Dorian’s Two Cents: Somebody Else’s Job

Businesses and Churches are trying to Govern.

Politicians are trying to be Celebrities.

Entertainment is trying to be News.

News is trying to be Entertainment.

And so on, and so on…

Howzabout we all do our own damn jobs?

Seriously.  Club For Growth, I’m talking to you, you 1900s throwbacks.  Here’s what I mean:

-Corporations are for making MONEY. By definition they’re NOWHERE NEAR sensitive enough to run a free person’s life.  Don’t expect them to be good at caring about how you feel.  Use them for making money, but why in hell did we let them drive Medicine and Insurance?  Were we all drunk that decade?

-Politicians are for making deals. Yes, they’re backstabbing liars.  Don’t pretend you don’t KNOW this in your American soul.  Between Jesus Himself Christ and Jesse James (the Outlaw or the Biker), you’d vote in the whole James Gang (even Joe Walsh!) before Jesus managed one single parable.  Why?  They’d get shit DONE!  And that’s what we WANT in a Politician.  (BTW, Jesus would also lose for being far too Left-Wing for the Right-Wing Christians.)

-Churches are for Morals and Support. Not TV, Churches.  Among other worthy services.  Instead of Politics, Jesus would probably be here, albeit perhaps in moneychanger-kicking-mode once He sees the state of things.  But, I digress.  They’re really not supposed to make you all bummed out, you’re s’posed to walk out all jazzed on God. Which is hard when the Church is telling you to get out there and Hate.  WWJD?  He’d go have a stiff drink, then go to the park where it’s quiet and green, I hope.

-Entertainment is NOT REAL. What’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and The Daily Show?  The Daily Show readily admits that it’s FAKE NEWS.  And the audience knows that.  And there are way fewer direct death threats to public officials.  If you tell a Dittohead that Limbaugh’s fake, you oughta start RUNNING THE HELL AWAY.

SO, my point?

Let’s use the tools we’ve made for what they’re ACTUALLY GOOD FOR.  Maybe that’ll work?