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William F. Buckley did not heart Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand – the only pure capitalist ever to take a second breath. Her novels celebrate self interest and individualism of the sort never seen in the real world. She is long dead, but her devotees seem to be rising from their graves and making themselves heard here and there. Even her novel The Fountainhead just got its second  Her novel Atlas Shrugged has just gotten its first Hollywood treatment.  Fountainhead was memorialized in film decades ago with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal. I am curious to find out how they deal with John Galt’s 7-hour speech? (thanks to our ‘rational Republican’ Sean in the comments for the correction!)

Here’s William F. Buckey – founder of modern conservatism –  in 2003 with Charlie Rose, talking about Rand:

NOTE: Sherry at A Feather Adrift reminds us this morning that wunderkind Rep. Paul Ryan, he of the 2.8% unemployment budget, is a Randian. Elvis save us.

A provocative question

If it were up to you, which of these outcomes would you chose in the event of a terrorist attack on the United States?

  • A bomb destroys the venerable Capital building in Washington DC. The dome collapses into the ruins. An American architectural masterpiece is gone along with a huge chunk of our history. One hundred die.
  • A bomb destroys an office park in suburban Pennsylvania. Two hundred people die with the attendant suffering of families and loved ones.