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Friday Night Oldie

I still find it difficult to connect this innocent – ergo stereotypical – late 50’s trio, The Teddy Bears, with the oddity that today is Phil Spector. But that was then, and we danced to this stuff.


Friday oldie

Not unbloggy, just that this week has been chewing me up like bad scenery. A convergence of obligations that isn’t likely to slow down till the middle of next week. And Orhan is going to be traveling . . . ergo, blogging will remain light.

But Friday is Friday. After all. So here are the Teddy Bears; this one is kind of lame but has a place in musical history because one of the original Teddy Bears was Phil Spector, who went on to an outsize career as an R&R impressario. But that was before he shot his girlfriend. So Phil is singing in prison these days.