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Nothing blog-whore-ey here. Absolutely not!

This is the image I used in my own ‘tanning lady’ post – back when she was still a story. It turned out to be quite popular on teh google and lo, thus did those seekers-of-wisdom-and-truth come right here, right to Whatever Works. And lo, they left their delicious digital signatures, and lo, they did cause my May site stats to soar and climb to a great big number. (It was an outlier. I know. I know. But still . . . )

So now, as an experiment – only an experiment of course, there is nothing blog-whore-ey about it – I’m re-posting that very picture (or ‘gooble-bait’ as I call it) to see what happens.

I myself see this as important research that must be done, so yup, I am so doing it.

My question: who owned the tanning salon?

This lady likes tanning salons. She likes how she looks. And there apparently are no limits to the delusions we humans are capable of embracing.

She’s come to our attention because she brought the kid along and that got her into a bit of trouble. (h/t friend Ed)

From a dermatologist in The New York Daily News: “In all my years of treating patients as a dermatologist, I have never  encountered anything like this.”