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Thank a union guy!

Author Stephen King (born poor in the state of Maine; worked his butt off; got rich; has a house down here) stopped into the Awake The State Rally in Sarasota FL last week. To the delight of the crowd, he took the mic.

Some choice bits:

At 1:45   I’m a rich guy. I pay 28% in taxes and I want to know why I don’t have to pay 50%!

At 4:35  If you like a weekend, thank a union guy. If you like a 40 hour week, thank a union guy.

Proud to have you as a neighbor Mr. King. Sir.

A letter from Joe

Any reader of this blog knows I am entirely secular and practice no religion. My brother Joe, however, does; he is the current President of Pax Romana, and as such writes the occasional letter to the membership. From today’s letter:

“In these difficult times how important it is, therefore, for Catholic intellectual and professional leaders to listen to the wisdom of the Social Magisterium of the Church. The pope and the bishops of the world continue to proclaim that Catholic doctrine still supports unions, just as initially taught by Pope Leo XIII in his classic encyclical Rerum Novarum, and that today in this new era of globalization unions may be even more important.”

Those words reminded me that struggles for the dignity of work and the worker reach deep into our past. Right now, we’re witnessing a renewed battle, another attempt at some good old fashioned union busting.  Sadly, too many Americans who today share that appetite won’t acknowledge that those very people they rail against are the ones who gave them a five day work week (instead of seven), an eight hour workday (instead of 12), a vacation and a safe work environment.

The great American tradition of shooting ourselves in the foot goes on.