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Friday. So . . .

I’ve been busy, but oldies beckon on Friday like work on Monday. Except nicer.

Here’s a slow dancer . . .


Friday night oldie

We all saw Meatloaf this week at the Romney rally.  So very sad. I honestly wish I’d never seen that awful bit of video, so I’m going to work at forgetting it. These should help.

A Friday oldie there is

I don’t feel much like rockin’ – this more suits my melancholy mood.

Friday Night Oldie

Friday night oldie

Seconds to go: a newer Friday oldie

From the 80’s, but an old favorite and wonderfully silly.

Friday night oldie

Friday Night Oldie

It’s F-r-i-d-a-y !

Unusual group in that there were six of these guys instead of the usual four or five.

Friday oldie?

Still having problems inserting videos. Been going back and forth with forums, even cleared out the cache and cookies (what a pain that is!). But no solution yet. So, why don’t you go here and choose one for yourself.


WordPress wouldn’t let me post the Friday oldie

Same problem this morning. (Blogfriends? Anyone having the same problem?)

I – and anyone out there – will have to settle for a link, so here.

This one is Till Then by The Classics from 1958.

OMG: 50 years and still rockin’

The real Friday oldie

Such a unique voice. How about that bit of photoshopping – or perhaps it is airbrushing (for younger readers, that’s a technology from the dark ages). Hope Roy saw it before he died.

Friday oldie

I’ve just come back from my treasured beach, which lost 20 feet of dune thanks to Tropical Storm Debbie. The walkway over the dunes leads to stairs to the beach itself. Or it did. Yesterday those stairs were hanging in the air.

And today, it’s fixed because this is a wonderful  community full of wonderful people who jump in whenever needed. So I went down to get some pictures of them and of the repairs.

Which is my roundabout way of introducing today’s oldie. It has to to be a beach song of course – here’s some really early Beach Boys.



Friday Night Oldie

(Youtube took the video away – but here’s audio)

Friday night oldie

Another slow dance number. And eyes closed! Also!
UPDATE: The original video has been taken down; this video is a bit different, but the audio is right on.

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Unbloggy, yes. But totally forgetful, no. Here, the Friday oldie. The Mamas and Papas did a fine job with their version some years later, but this? This is the one.

Friday night oldie

This has Jerry Lee, so it’s eligible for the Friday slot and it’s got Bruce, so I’m doubly happy, but for any of you who didn’t know the man back in the day, check out the second one.
(UPDATE: youtube took down the Bruce/Jerry Lee video; sorry)

Shoot! Is it still Friday? Oldie! Oldie!

Watching this is like rubber necking at a car accident. Can. Not. Turn. Away.

Final Friday Oldie: some Otis Redding brings me up to date

No other possible choice for this Friday

A bit past my time (and a day late). RIP Levon.


Yup. Friday.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, The Drifters! (applause)

Nearly forgot, but it’s still Friday, so . . . oldie!

I always kind of liked that falsetto part . . .

For bruce, a post in which I play disc jockey again!

Blogfriend bruce asked for a Monkeys video in memory of Davy Jones. He asked, so here we go . . .

Friday Oldie

NOTE: I finally updated the song list at the Friday Night Oldies tab. It’s complete as of today. About time. Here’s some more old-time slow dancing. To this one, it was take a single step, dip slightly to the left and bob up and down for a few beats, then back upright and dip to the other side. Really. (The solo is Tony Williams – some voice, eh?)

Friday oldie

Another great slow dancing number – we basically just stood in one place and swayed to this one.

Friday oldie for Barb and Jim

This is a special one for Barb and Jim who are getting married today.  It’s all syrupy and corny and almost a cliché, but hey, I think it’s just right.

My first ‘dedication’ – now I feel like a DJ! (I know, this is far from Elvis at his best . . .but still . . . )


Friday night oldie

Been a time-travelin’ kind of week to be a woman. Especially for those of us who’ve been there and done that – already. But those boys – especially the chubby grey haired white ones – keep popping up hoping it’s 1950 again. (Sorry boys. All over.) When I get a yearning for some 1950s kind of love, I know I’ll find it only if I travel in my own special way-back machine.

Friday night oldie

As we creep up on the most odious of holidays, that February 14 confection, May I remind that romance is more tears than kisses.

The Day The Music Died

53 years ago today – Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper.