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Ornstein says ‘nihilists’ and he always knows what he’s talking about

Norm Ornstein chimed in this morning on the near future of the GOP. He views Cantor’s loss less as the beginning of a populist trend and more a preview of intracine battles yet to come in the party. It’s here.

He sets it up with pitch perfect – and delightful – disdain for our fickle media narrative:

The new dominant narrative, of course, is that the Tea Party rose up, struck back, showed its muscle and has the party establishment on its heels. That replaces the previous narrative, that the establishment rose up, struck back, and has the Tea Party on its heels.

And wraps with this:

American political parties always face a tension between their establishment and ideological wings. On the Republican side, going back more than a hundred years to the Teddy Roosevelt era, that was a struggle between moderate progressives and conservatives.

Now it is different. There are no moderates or progressives in today’s GOP; the fight is between hard-line conservatives who believe in smaller government and radical nihilists who want to blow up the whole thing, who have as much disdain for Republican traditional conservatives as they do for liberals.

Always worth a look is old Norm.

We iz all grownups. Maybe?

There is a young man on CSpan right now talking about Social Security and retirements benefits. He is smart and hasn’t yet said a word I don’t agree with. His name is Andrew Bigg and he is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

Either I went through the looking glass overnight, or we Americans have more areas of agreement than our political/media culture would like us to notice. (Actually, AEI – top of the pile of the conservative thinktanks – also houses Norm Ornstein, whom I admire greatly.)

If the Heritage Foundation is the FOX News of thinktanks,  then AEI is perhaps The McLaughlin Group.