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He did ask me to walk with him but I had to wash my hair . . . .

Skywalker Nik Wallenda crossed the Grand Canyon yesterday on a highwire, a big deal that was broadcast on Discovery Channel and seen around the world. He’s a local lad and does that highwire thing  around here quite a lot. In his walk across the Canyon, he was tense and prayed aloud every step of the way. If you watched it, watch this video for contrast. In spite of a high wind, he’s completely relaxed all the way and nary a mention of ‘Jesus’. (He called upon ‘his Lord’ throughout yesterday’s event; cynics like me couldn’t help but wonder how it would be received by Evangelical America if the good man didn’t make it.)

By the way, I think this camera work – in spite of its single perspective (looks like the camera is mounted on his balance pole) – is superior in many ways to what I saw on the Discovery Channel. Anyway, Nik: