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A nice lady

Sometimes nice things happen. Pure things.

Yesterday, at a local coffee place I stood at the cashier behind another woman who was paying for a tea, a roll and a newspaper. She was having a difficult time with her purse and money – the way we all get clumsy some days when nothing goes right. I wasn’t at all impatient (as I often am). Midway through her struggles, she turned around to me, pointed to my coffee and asked how much is that coffee? And I chuckled a little and told her. “It’s on me” she told the clerk, “I’m buying that coffee.”

For a second,  I thought she meant to add a coffee to her own order. Not so. She was paying for my coffee. I stuttered out something about I didn’t mind waiting for her, I had days like that. And she just smiled and said “But I want to buy your coffee for you.”

And that was that. I thanked her, told her she was a lovely person. She smiled and turned back to the dumbstruck clerk.

A nice lady.