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George Carlin sings. Really.

I watched the repeat last night of the Mark Twain Award ceremony from 2008.  George Carlin was the honoree – posthumously, as he’d died only a few months before. It’s nice to know that he knew about it and was even planning his speech. They showed this video – see what a nice Irish Catholic boy from Queens NY can do!

Friday oldie!

Ahh, slow dancing to The Platters . . . I fell in love every single time.


It’s happening.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Requiem for a Perry

A touch of class for Saturday

Thanks to friend Shep for the link that led me to this, which I have watched four times this morning. These guys are new to me and now I officially adore them.

Friday oldie!

Have you – since your teenage years – ever slept till 1:00 pm? Well, I just did. Bad night, tossing and turning. Fell asleep at 5:30am or so. And slept straight through. Most enjoyable but it feels seriously weird. It’s still morning for me.

However, the day itself is still correct. Today is Friday. As I post these oldies, I find myself now very fond of singers and songs that I dismissed at the time. Like this one – The Everly Brothers sounding lovely.


Friday oldie

This is really really early Dion – before the Belmonts, and before he was ‘spiffed’ up for the World of the Top Ten.

CORRECTION: I appear to have had it backwards. Dion worked with the Belmonts in the 50’s and mostly solo after that. So this vid may have followed his Belmont days. Aaggghhh, so be it. I still like it.

Before the day is over . . . happy birthday

Friend Shep reminded me . . . John Lennon would have been 71 today.

Friday oldie

It is Friday this time, isn’t it? Oh, that treble . . . (watch the volume – this one is, um, exhuberant)

Oh yeah? Take that, Newsweek!

Some years ago, in that dismissive tone so beloved of some media, Newsweek  named Grand Rapids MI, a ‘dying city’. The folks there didn’t much like that and responded with a word or two of their own (actually, of Don McClean’s).

Roger Ebert called it “the greatest music video ever made’.  Anyway, happy Sunday morning comrades.

Friday oldie. And this time Don, it really is Friday

Paul Anka wrote and recorded this but I can’t find a decent version on youtube. Anka’s recording was the hit but here’s The Lettermen doing it.


Friday Oldie: yup, even Wayne Newton

This song, for reasons I can’t discern from the here and now, was a great favorite in a bar I frequented in the early ’60’s, called The Village Corner, the corner being Bleeker Street and West Broadway.  My friends and I played it over and over; either it’s really not a bad song or the power of fond reminiscence is strong. But I will caution you not to seek a video version (and there are many). Nobody really needs to see that.

UPDATE: Don tells me it’s Thursday. So it goes – there will be a bonus tomorrow.

Friday oldie

This one’s the ‘real McCoy’ –  got it all: four young lads, the latest in choreography, tight harmonies (that part is good) and an ampersand in their name! Plus it’s old and thus fully qualified for a Friday slot. (Actually, Dion & The Belmonts pretty much did this stuff almost to perfection.)

UPDATE: Just discovered that this video made a previous appearance here. Meh – it was a long time ago.

Toe in water: Friday Oldie(s?)

From doo wop to disco. Same song. First, the original:

Then Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons ‘updated’ it:

The ‘my-country-right-or-wrong’ folk will be offended

Well, who knew? I didn’t, but I suppose anyone under 50 did. Dennis Leary  sings. Herewith a tour de force, I’m An Asshole. (move right along to 2:11 for the good stuff)

Bonus oldie on Thursday

Been out all the live-long day and am just now catching up. Since I forgot last week’s oldie (my glorious if brief career as a merchant intruded dontchaknow) and to celebrate that I got back on youtube through my google account (favorites, subscriptions etc all missing), here is a gem from the dimming days of the last century.

March Musings (Dorian Lives!)

POSTED BY DORIAN  (Moe notes: Newbies may not know that Dorian was an original co-blogger here who got busy with something he calls ‘a life’. Dorian is young, a musician, a sound designer, newly in love and a wonderful friend. Nice to see him back. To see previous Dorian posts, scroll down to Dorian’s Two Cents in Categories.)

A few random musings: 1) Entering negotiations with the intention not to negotiate is a form of rhetorical terrorism. 2) There’s a reason peaceful protests actually work: A large, angry human mob explicitly not causing mayhem is comparatively rare.

On Public Schools: A democracy can and should be judged by the state of its public schools. (You’re going to Kid Congress every day, not to mention all that mandatory dealing-with-the-people-you-hate training. )

ALSO: Libyans on Hallucinogens would be a good 4th album title.

We deserve a break today

Click CC at bottom – it’s better with captions.

Because I need to change the subject

Not an oldie but for the ages

I love putting up music videos. The best part is trolling around on youtube and seeing what comes up. It’s easy to lose a morning just in the seeking. Like window shopping. Today I found this. Did anyone ever look less like a singer* than K.D. Lang ? Is anyone more sublime? This is a 2005 concert version.

* Okay, I guess Roy Orbison also qualifies.