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Sweet Sunday morning – here and there

It’s early Sunday morning. The sun isn’t yet up. I love this gentle quiet before the world around me rouses itself. There’s a fresh pot of coffee – that steaming first cup, so appreciated this cold Florida morning (it’s in the 30’s outside). The heat in my old house blows hot and cold.  I’m thinking about wood stoves and how one would be lovely right now. My neighbor fires his up at the first hint of cold and even inside I can smell that earthy wood smoke.

A nephew will be in town tonight (although he’ll be incommunicado until after the Packer’s game) and it’s pleasant to contemplate that visit with my second coffee warming my fingers.

These small graces put me in mind of the young Americans in Afghanistan, where today is the 109th day of the tenth year of the war there.


Heading out to see if Office Depot has yet figured out how to remanufacture ink cartridges – the exchange transactions alone take sufficient clerical time that they may want to reconsider offering this particular product line. Time perhaps to bite the bullet and buy the big HP cartridges. A friend tells a not nice story about buying refills online. At least buying them in the store makes return more convenient.

The sun is shining and I have no meeting till after lunch, so I have enjoyed a leisurely shower, donned a fresh pair of jeans and am about to treat myself to the NY Times and breakfast outside at a place where they have those wooden picnic tables that swing back and forth in the fresh air. If the pollen stays down, this might be a very nice morning.

It’s also the 186th day of the ninth year of hte War in Afghanistan.