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Who is authoring this new character, “Joe Scarborough”

In the last recent months, credible media have begun treating Joe Scarborough as a serious thinker with something to say. He’s penning op-eds in The New York Times and The Washington Post and appearing on Sunday news (not a high standard, but he’s there).

joe scarMost recently he engaged in an infamous exchange with Paul Krugman on the Charlie Rose show where, as if hosting the Tim Matthews Memorial Wanna-Be Gottcha’ Competition, he went after Krugman in an unusual and nearly hostile exchange. (Rose usually keeps that sort of argument from developing because his audience isn’t into it. But he didn’t that night.)

I watch Morning Joe if I watch morning TV (hey, it’s a step up from Honey Boo Boo, so give me credit for that). What I’ve seen, regularly, is the Scarborough routine wherein he instantly adopts as his own whatever his guest has just said. He does this almost every day. And heads around the table nod. Irksome.

And now this escalation, so I ask: what outside entity is creating this new persona. Who is crafting – maybe for network TV, maybe for politics yet again – the 2013 edition of Joe Scarborough? Because I don’t think he’s steering that ship.

Governor Goodhair still looks like a FAIL

See this here hair? That is all I need.

Despite this month’s adulation, I continue to believe Rick Perry will implode. There’s a  video at The Daily Caller from the Joe Scarborough show. I generally find Scarborough to be a jerk and a lightweight – unless (as in this case)  his commentary fits my own narrative. Then of course, I find him to be most enlightening.

I’m not having any luck embedding the video (linkee here if you want to watch) but from his rant:

On his Wednesday “Morning Joe” program, Scarborough launched into a near  15-minute rant, complete with faux southern accent, ripping Perry  . .  . “Rick Perry, by the way — you know I called him a ‘dime store conservative’ several weeks ago,” Scarborough said. “We have these in the South. People that were Democrats . . .  and then when Republicans became in charge . . . They all  went from being liberal to conservative.

“Here is a guy that ran Al Gore’s campaign in 1988. Now I was a registered  Democrat like most people in the South, but I was always conservative. This guy  runs Al Gore’s campaign . . .

With. A. Spoon.

So, I was walking through the living room a short while ago where, although muted, the TV was tuned to MSNBC’s Morning Joe. I glanced at the picture. And stopped. And stood. And stared. And groaned.

There, in all their smugness, sat the usual collection of male middle aged political has-beens and below them the show’s new nickname,  Mo’ Joe.

Gag me.

Somebody cover Bill Moyers’ eyes!

When Bill Moyers retired from PBS, that network looked around for ‘talent’ and settled on Newsweek editor Joh Meacham (or, as he’s often snarkily called in the blogsphere, Parson Meacham).  PBS saw wide eyes and a sober facial expression and detected gravitas. (Like all of us who are aging, PBS could use some glasses.) But what PBS missed is that Meacham is  a true villager –  proud of his place in the media firmament, certain he belongs there and admiring of his fellows who occupy that little land with him.

I just saw him on Morning Joe  playing the sidekick and chuckling at all the schoolboys antics of the regulars.  That’s some gravitas alright.

The bush league of the punditocracy

A conversation on the teevee this morning about an idiot statement by Sen. Jon Kyl who apparently questioned the Christian faith of Harry Reid. Dumb and dumber.

The jibber jabber on Morning Joe has been quite reasonable. But then I heard that Christian ego in a sweater, Joe Scarborough, say “This is the most sacred holiday for Christians.”

No Joe, it is not. Not even close. I’m neither a practicing nor believing Christian like you, but I do know this – Christmas is NOT the most sacred Christian day. That would be Easter, the day that celebrates the central event of Christianity. Christmas is the most sacred of holidays for Macy’s.

The ’round table’ of regulars nodded sagely, as they always do, because a job is a job.

Mica Brezhinski makes my teeth hurt

And so do her overlords at MSNBC.

For the first time in weeks – cautious since the last time she sent me screaming from the house – I tuned into Morning Joe on MSNBC. And hey, not bad!  Joe Biden was on and was being allowed time to really talk – about Afghanistan and especially about the new START treaty with Russia which is in the Senate now. Important stuff. Interesting stuff. Stuff I care about. Joe and Joe were having a thoughtful discussion – or at least as much as is possible when both parties are also busy looking in the mirror.

And then Mica pops in and interrupts with something about Palin. “Here’s the video, have a look and I’d like to hear your reaction.”

I know you understand that I had to turn it off and flee back to CSpan.

Why I can’t watch anymore

Dependable Renegade points me again to the brilliant gustavandmilo. Here’s their latest. Ladies and gentlemen, the stars of ‘Morning Joe’.