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If Mitch Daniels keeps saying no, perhaps . . .

Only The Onion.

Mitch Daniels just went on the teevee

Is somebody peeking over the fence a bit? Have the grand poobahs of the Grand Old  Party been hanging around Indiana again?

 “Let’s not kid ourselves: this is the worst recovery ever from a serious recession, and history says the deeper the down, the sharper the up,” Daniels said on CNN’s State of the Union. “It should have been a very vigorous one. Hasn’t been.”

An  appearance on the second tier of the Sunday gang-bangapaloozaa – and CNN’s State of the Union is certainly that – might mean nothing other than that the Governor of Indiana is concerned about the  economy. (And he really really meant it when he said last time he wouldn’t be a candidate.)

Nothing is forever, Newt: Mitch Daniels and the nominating convention

I agree with David Frum that despite all the giggling over his ‘frontrunner’ status, there is no question that Gingrich will implode. It’s never been a question of if,  it’s always been a question of when.

He's tanned. He's rested. He's ready.

Which is why my mind turns yet again to the possibility of a brokered convention. What if the Newtster can hide his real self from those who right now drape him with public accolades, which he so craves, right up to Super Tuesday? What if he even holds his water and performs credibly on that day?

Imagine the GOP political establishment counting down to Tampa and staring speechless as Newt counts up the delegates in his pockets.

I wonder how many are this very day camped out on Mitch Daniels’ doorstep? Taking the reluctant spouse aside and saying puh-leeezz-eee. And perhaps they work on Mitch long enough, perhaps they convince him his party is in crisis. Enter the alternative. A steady hand, more intellect than ego. And electable. Mitch Daniels. Whaddaya think?

If we were a sane country (or, which of these two would you trust?)

. . . this guy would be the GOP nominee for President. Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana and one-time head of the Office of Management and Budget, both of  which, whatever his politics, suggest he has a clue about how the world works.

I’ve liked him for some time, but my opinion of him soared today when I saw some CPAC video in which he named names – talk radio names, FOX News names – in talking about obstacles to getting things done.

Predictably, Mr. Limbaugh of Palm Beach, the most thin skinned of the on air bullies, came right at him today. If Daniels doesn’t back down as others have with depressing regularity, he’ll burnish his credentials even more and prove he has political courage.

But I don’t think he’ll be the candidate. He is tipping his toe in the water, but I hope he pulls it back and waits till 2012,  2016 when a Republican has a chance and I’d just as soon they nominate an adult.

Hello Mr. Daniels

I just heard Indiana Republican governor Mitch Daniels interviewed on MSNBC by Lawrence O’Donnell. Daniels is the newest great white hope of the GOP for the 2012 national ticket. And this is the first time I’ve seen him.

I need to go read his wiki, really know next to nothing about him. But I can say that on tv, this is one impressive guy. Smart, sensible . . .  hello, Mr. Daniels, expect we’ll be seeing lots more of you.