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Legislators gone wild: Minnesota still cutting off nose

I wrote about this when it happened. Now, five days in, the New York Times editorializes about the disgraceful government shut-down in Minnesota.

Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, campaigned for office last year promising to raise taxes on high earners, so it was no surprise when he proposed a tax increase on families making more than $150,000 a year to help close a $5 billion budget gap. In negotiations with the Republican majority in the Legislature, he compromised and reduced the increase to those making $1 million or more, but Republicans are refusing to consider any income tax increase.

The shut down is going to cost the State millions. It’s going to cost jobs. It’s going to hurt the people of Minnesota.

Their [Republican extremists] antitax radicalism, maintained at any cost, is doing enormous damage at all levels . . . and may soon engulf the economy if the standoff in Washington does not end. In Minnesota, there is now a chance to draw a line and say, no further.

But meanwhile those 7700 Minnesotans earning over a million a year won’t have to give up a single day of summer vacation.

Phew! That must be a great relief.