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Am I in the right place?

Been in my quiet place, trying to soothe my aching heart. How foolish it is of me, surrounded with a world full of wonders, to compulsively¬†focus on the machinatios and utter nonsense of those we’ve elected to manage the affairs of a great nation. (Or is that a once-great nation?)¬† But I can’t help myself; it’s in the DNA. I think the last conversation I had with my 98-year old father was political. He, smartly, had observed that Obama was making a terrible mistake in letting the Congress take the lead. “They’ll disappoint him” said my old Dad. Smart man.

In my rush to hide from all the ugly, I failed to post a Friday oldie, and for that there is no excuse. This song was a Mills Brothers classic but it caught the attention of the new ‘teenage’ generation with this version by The Classics.