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Emerging meme

Suddenly, I seem to be encountering a somewhat archaic idea – have heard it referenced three times in the last few days. Let’s keep an eye on the phrase ‘social cost’, expressed as a legitimate consideration in evaluating freedoms (nothing new, but the philosophical underpinning has been somewhat out of favor in recent decades).

An example today from Andrew Sullivan: Sin taxes are not the same as prohibition; they just help to finance the social costs of the sin.

The subject was a possible ‘sugar tax’ on soda, something that’s been discussed for a number of years. Probably decades – now it seems to be making its way into the media.

Emerging meme – the Replicrats

A hell of a lot of talk time, blogsphere and column time suddenly being devoted to the idea that there is no serious difference between the political parties. In spite of the sputterings of the endlessly annoying Dick Cheney.

So let me jump aboard. Since they rinse and repeat each other’s hair, let us call them all . . . the Replicrats!