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But they all have such a good time together!

See? This here is how we speak truth to power.

It seems the trivial has taken over the race – are we ever going to get back to substance?

Who said that? Why that was David Gregory on Meet the Press  as he and his guests were doubling down on the trivia.

Can you believe it? Of course you can believe it.

So David, to answer your question – no, we’ll never get back to the substance. And it’s your fault. So just stop it.

They stay on the A-list no matter what they say or do. It’s a rule.

I’m just catching up with Moonshinepatriot’s Bobblespeak Translations, which goes up weekly – most weeks amyway – after the Sunday gasbags finish with their weekly full frontal assault on reason – and the poor beleaguered English language.

Here’s’ a delicious little bit of  ‘translation’ from May 27, Meet the Press.

Bobblespeak has a fine ear

Meet The Press – EJ Dionne and some congressman I never heard of seemed sane and made some sense. The rest not so much. But lookee! Peggy Noonan agrees with me (I agree with her?) about, what’s ‘er name, Palin.

Sunday funnies? Eh.

Well, apart from hearing David Gregory refer to Irene as “this monstrous storm” (while showing video of people actually outside in the rain) 24 hours after it was downgraded, I did find this:

Plus Bobblespeak will be up shortly (I hope). Meanwhile, want to weep? Sorry, I know it’s not funny, but neither is anything much right now. (same source as above)

Just stopping by: Bobblespeak link

Moe’s vacation continues and perhaps a bit longer than anticipated.  I’ve just  suffered the horror of The Rise of the Planet of the Comcast for two plus days. Increasingly this is a regular event – but they’re the only game in town which leads to a somewhat cavalier definition of  ‘customer service’. Verizon FIOS is on the way, but hasn’t reached me yet. Is it any better in your neighborhood?

I am now back online but still on vacation. Before I return to my quiet place, let me remind us all to visit here because moonshinepatriot has again stepped up and watched the Sunday gabfests, so we don’t have to. The raw material for ridicule thins out when Davide Gregory isn’t on air but here’s a Meet the Press tidbit with Samantha Guthrie in for Gregory anbd Robert Gibbs in for the whoever.

Bobblespeak ‘documents the atrocities’*

The August 7 translations are up; just the essence of the weekly gasbaggery.

FROM ABC This Week:





FROM NBC Meet The Press:










* the Sunday talk shows, so named by Atrios.

NBC did a Sunday funny

The ego of the pundit (and producer) knows no bounds. On Meet the Press today, Gregory called his round table discussion (which was actually quite good) a Jobs Summit. Really.

Just like Nixon/Mao. Just like Reagan/Gorbachev. You know, a summit.

Bobblespeak translations are up!

If you watch the Sunday morning shows and shout at the TV, you should:

  1. examine your priorities
  2. question your sanity, and
  3. go read the Bobblespeak Translations as soon as they’re up. So you can find out what they really said.

NOTE: Primary target of ridicule is David Gregory and he’s a worthy target. (Oddly, today’s offering is not nearly as snarky as is the norm. I guess reality is now officially insane and impervious to satire.)  And by the way, the metaphor of the day across networks was ‘kick the can down the road’. I heard it three times from different people. I guess they all got the memo.

Newt is just annoying. Really.

Anyone who pays attention to this stuff already knows that Newt Gingrich has been complaining that he was bushwhacked in his appearance Sunday on Meet The Press by hard questions.

 “I didn’t go in there quite hostile enough, because it didn’t occur to me going in that you’d have a series of setups.”

He’s been on Meet The Press 35 times, but I guess that doesn’t count because he wasn’t running for the 2012 Republican nomination those 34 other times.

Special Edition! We wrapped it in pretty paper this time! Sorta!

ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour and CNN’s GPS told me this morning that their shows were ‘Special Editions’ despite featuring the regular host at the regular time covering, as is the norm, the top story of the day which has in fact been top of the news since it was the top story last Sunday.

Special Edition indeed.

On Meet the Press’s own ‘Special Edition’ (yes, they did call it that), they also  covered the RR 100th birthday.

Who sends out the memo?

Pet peeve update:  CNN is still saying ‘impactful’ all the time; I don’t care if it’s a real word, it’s annoying the hell out of me.

UPDATE: CBS 60 Minutes is now on the air. It is a ‘Special Edition’, at the usual time with the usual hosts as we’ve now come to expect from anything carrying the name ‘Special Edition.‘ (This post suggests I’ve been monitoring TV all day – I haven’t. (

Let me say this about that

Folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher and listening to the Sunday shows. First up for me –  new Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Meet the Press. Gregory has been trying to get him to say the birthers have an illegitimate issue. He won’t. He’s trying to get Cantor to dispute the birther script and agree that it’s just ‘crazy talk’. He won’t. But he has a good reason – Cantor says he ‘won’t be prodded into calling people names’.

How about specifics for cutting the budget? Everything is on the table David. Like what? See, David, we need to get back to fiscal responsibility. But Rep. Cantor, what would this Congress cut? We have a committee working on that.

How about repeal of Health Care? What will the Republicans to cover the Americans who have no health insurance now? Well first David, we have to keep our campaign promise and repeal this bad bill. Will you repeal all fo it or parts of it? Americans were clear. Elections have consequence.

Find an answer in there. I dare you.

(For some Sunday fun, go visit The Bobblespeak Translations, where the weekend jibber jabber is translated every week for the rest of us. Funny stuff.)

And I thought Obama was smart . . .

This Sunday morning, I made myself watch Meet the Press, because the entire show was to be an interview with Gen. David Petraeus in Afghanistan. David Gregory – whom I usually find offensive – did a superb job. He started out, as all celebrity journalists do, with the old tired Tim Russert tactic of starting every follow-on question with “but! but!”. But Petraeus, with his quiet and patient intelligence, wore him down and finally Gregory got past himself and a fine fine interview ensued. Watch it here.  And it wasn’t until the interview wrapped up that I realized there had been no commercial interruptions.

There are many of us who worship at the altar of Sunday morning television, a questionable activity to be sure. Like myself, I know quite a few people – mostly blog friends – who’d been looking forward to the arrival of Christiane Amanpour on ABC at the anchor desk. Her first show was a disappointment – it was the same show it had always been. And I sincerely hope she eventually puts her own stamp on it. So it’s ironic to find myself entranced at Meet the Press. Now – if Gregory and NBC can hold onto this tone, a serious one, we will all be better informed. Which, after all, is the point.

Petraeus used the phrase “The Long War” which has been creeping in lately. I expect we’ll be hearing more of that phrase, as we head into our tenth year in Afghanistan, where today is the 310th day of the ninth year of our presence in that sorry and beautiful land.