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Ted Haggard Appearing on Celebrity Wife Swap . . .

Well that’s unsettling. But there’s more.

. . . with Gary Busey

On the surface, it might seem like an unlikely pairing, but there are several surprising parallels between Busey and Haggard.  Busey is a born-again Christian and active minister with Promise Keepers, and Haggard has returned to the ministry as pastor of St. James, a new nondenominational Christian church in Colorado Springs.Haggard resigned from the New Life Church in disgrace in 2006, amid revelations that he had had a drug-fueled sexual relationship with a gay male former escort. He recently admitted to GQ that “probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual,” though he has denied since the scandal that he is gay.

Haggard is also slated to make a cameo as himself in a Christian sex comedy promoting abstinence, called The Waiting Game, assuming the movie can scrape together the funding.