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All we need is gold, dum da dum de dum, all we need is gold, gold is all we need . . .

I don't need no General Mills or Bud Lite either!

Media Matters keeps track of Glenn Beck’s advertisers on FOX News  – this began I expect back when Beck said Obama had a ‘deep seated hatred of white people, the white culture’. Pretty much the same day, national advertisers started dropping his program.

So, per Media Matters, here’s who sponsored Beck’s program today:

  • Tax Masters
  • Goldline
  • Visiting Angels
  • Sokolove Law
  • Fox News (News Corp.)
  • Merit Financial
  • Ortho
  • Mylife.com
  • Lifestyle Lift
  • Debt OK
  • Medical directclub
  • Sustenex
  • Fox News (News Corp.)
  • Legalzoom.com
  • Mysolarbackup.com
  • AmMed Direct/Better Care
  • EasyWater
  • Sokolove Law
  • Smith and Nephew
  • Foundation for a Better Life
  • Lifestyle Lift
  • Values.com
  • IRStaxagreements.com
  • Rosland Capital
  • Wall Street Journal (News Corp.)
  • Lifestyle Lift
  • CreditAnswers.com

Wow. Guess Cheerios and Chevrolet have gone elsewhere.