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It’s been a while, but Maru is still doing his thing

On his sixth birthday comes this “Best of” Maru video. Highlights at :48, 1:18 and 2:50.

You need only watch 5 seconds of Maru today

Start at :40 in. It’s Maru at his best.

A star is born

Maru has been ‘discovered’ (having millions of followers on your youtube channel will do that).

h/t Dependable Renegade

It’s time for . . . Maru!

His videographer has again and most thoughtfully given us a compilation of the best of the (recent) best.


What does it say of me that I am so easily amused?

Maru is back in tip top form which I define as making me laugh out loud (at 1:01). And does Maru not live in the freaking cleanest house you’ve ever seen? I think those trash cans have been polished.

Laughing out loud: Maru is back in tip top form

Watch it – you know you want to! Maru is one determined cat, who lives in so clean and uncluttered a house that it makes me wonder if he is really a visitor from the future – where they’ve somehow conquered dust and dirt and grease?

Maru wears a bag

Take some comfort in this: no matter the political and geo-political upheavals in our world, some things remain unchanged. S0me things are forever.


Bored? Who, me?

I’ll play your stupid game if you’ll get my damn dinner going.

Maru takes-off on his own schedule thankyouverymuch

Maru, captured on the runway by Dependable Renegade, contemplating his next move.

All your laffs are belong to Maru

Pay attention now and Maru will show you how to survive August.

Maru is three! Let the party commence!

Maru! The most famous cat on the intertubes – probably the most famous cat in the world – has  his own facebook page here and his own YouTube channel here (with almost 3 million subscribers!). Either place you can find all the videos that made Maru famous;  you’ll see Maru eating, napping, running, staring and even refusing to look at the camera. Maru’s charm is that his very ordinariness has made him a star. Maru is us.

Here is a video collage. Watch it and you’ll love the guy too.