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And this is why Florida’s (!) Marco Rubio gets away with saying such stupid stuff

Truth be told though, I think his latest and very vigorous climate change denial (‘climate changes all the time”) is going to come back and bite him in his soft ass.

From the venerable Union of Concerned Scientists:


Well, Marco, aren’t you just the altar boy!

Senator Rubio of my own enlightened State is  clearly a rising star. He’s definitely got it. Which is why he’s been given the official rising star slot tonight, introducing Romney. And right now, he’s speaking.

And my oh my but isn’t he the pious one – he just offered the requisite boilerplate and utterly unoriginal statement of belief that we’re one ole nation ‘under God’.  And he took it just a step further and nearly pledged us to the service of, what I believe he called, ‘almighty God’.

Check the transcript. It was over the line.

Run Charlie, run! Faster! Harder!

My gov, Charlie Crist isn’t running well now that all the free publicity from the oil spill has receded. As a long time opponent of off shore drilling, he looked pretty good to Floridians then. Kendrick Meek would be a terrific Dem candidate in a normal election but this one isn’t normal. Meek and Crist are competing for the same voters.  I was sure some months ago that Crist would make it because he’s been so well liked as Governor. But damn if the GOP isn’t just fucking with Florida brains . . . GOP candidate, and Tea Party darling, Marco Rubio is opening up a real lead.

I spent a hundred gajillion dollars and noboby knows my name.


My concern is the influence of early voting. Here in Florida, given our demographic, a lot of people vote early. And that means that we don’t have till November to close the sale. We are running out of time here and I’m very afraid of the split vote putting Rubio into the US Senate.

I still think Charlie has a better shot than Meek. For Dems, liberals, progressives and many independents, this election needs to be less about getting Crist or Meek in office, than keeping Rubio out. So whoever of the competition is running stronger on November 2 (and I still think it will be Crist), he gets my vote. And maybe Marco Rubio can go the way of failed Dem, Jeff Greene.


Dinner’s not cheap you know!

Marco Rubio is set to take the GOP nomination in the Florida race for US Senate – and to take it away from Gov. Charlie Crist, once the presumptive gold medal winner. He’s a very conservative Miamian from the Cuban community, a very conservative bunch overall. The St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald have been taking a look at the money side of Rubio (the best place to start).

$228,000:  Amount raised  by Marco Rubio’s Floridians for Conservative Leadership committee
in 18 months from 2002-04

$89,000: Amount spent on consultants

$34,000: Undisclosed expenses

$4,000: Amount spent on candidate contributions

The full story is here.

Miami Marco knocks ’em dead

Florida Republican Marco Rubio gave the opening speech at the big annual Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. this morning.

Those are NOT teleprompters

I’m sure he planned to share grave matters of State with his rapt audience, but first he had to fulfill his contractual obligation as a CPAC speaker, and take his turn with Obama-uses-Teleprompters-omg-the-commies-are-coming!

There were two Teleprompters in front of him.

(CPAC no doubt made an error installing them – we all know conservatives don’t need Teleprompters.)

Rubio said what will no doubt be his clarion call up to November: 2010 is a referendum on the very identity of our nation.

Well, that sucks. Dear god, don’t let him be my senator.

He also – most charmingly – often used the Limbaugh insult: Democrat Party.

And he remembered all of that without writing anything on his hands.