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I iz teh stupid, I iz

He-l-l-o-o . . . over here!

I have apparently forgotten how to use a regular phone which, upon reflection, is like forgetting how to tie shoes. My new MagicJack works just like a regular  old phone, but I keep treating it like a cell – punching in the number without first getting a dial tone and then looking for a ‘send’ key. There’s a pick up/hang up button on this phone (cuz it’s cordless) – I find myself hitting the ‘hang up’ multiple times, like I sometimes have to do with the cell. Then I put the phone down and it’s ‘off the hook’ as we used to say.

This can’t be normal.

I got MagicJack, I got MagicJack, I got Magic . . .

I’ve had ‘get MagicJack‘ on my to-do list for far longer than pride will allow me to admit. A long time. But I finally managed to stop by Radio Shack and acquire one.

For someone who’s lived with only a cell phone in a neighborhood with a capricious signal and a house with that gets all moody about microwaves, it’s liberating. I’m not one who spends much time on the phone so the cell has really been enough – except for those moments when I really need to  make a call at my desk, no matter how many bars show on the phone.

Painless install and so far, so good. I now have two working cordless phones (resurrected from a closet at friend Ed’s – thanks Ed), voice mail, caller ID – all the usuals – unlimited of course because it’s through my cable. And it’s $20 a year. Quite remarkable actually.