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The real Friday Oldie

Christmas songs don’t count. And even though this may not quite qualify either (at least for my own generation), I’ve adored it for 40 years. So there! Plus, I think I owe it to you after Dennis Day.

This performance is from Live Aid in the 1980’s. (The song runs only the first 5:15 here.)



I really hope they lip-sync Freddie

Because no one else can do him justice. There’s to be a movie.

How about two Friday oldies?

One by the ‘real’ Queen, and one from my distant past. A little Freddie (go to 1:25 in for the very best of the man – this one’s from Live Aid in 1984), and a little Jerry Lee (a more mature, more nuanced Jerry Lee and only one time¬†kicking the piano stool) . . .

Trivia question: What other infamous American¬†was Jerry Lee’s cousin?

Now, THAT was a show

Thomas over at Middle of the Freakin’ Road was soliciting song titles for road trips today and I suggested this one. I’d nearly forgotten about it. Bowie and Jagger together at Live Aid doing Dancin’ in the Street. One for the ages. (and it has me thinking about Queen too . . . )

Drop in and make suggestions if you’re so inclined.