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US military interventions and wars since 1941

There are 80 in this list and there were about 70 prior to 1941.

  1. WORLD WAR II 1941-45 Naval, troops, bombing, nuclear Hawaii bombed, fought Japan, Italy and Germay for 3 years; first nuclear war.
  2. IRAN 1946 Nuclear threat Soviet troops told to leave north.
  3. YUGOSLAVIA 1946 Nuclear threat, naval Response to shoot-down of US plane.
  4. URUGUAY 1947 Nuclear threat Bombers deployed as show of strength.
  5. GREECE 1947-49 Command operation U.S. directs extreme-right in civil war.
  6. GERMANY 1948 Nuclear Threat Atomic-capable bombers guard Berlin Airlift.
  7. CHINA 1948-49 Troops/Marines evacuate Americans before Communist victory.
  8. PHILIPPINES 1948-54 Command operation CIA directs war against Huk Rebellion. Continue reading