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Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister . . .

I just can't quit you

Can two right wing hawks from the US Senate attack the current US administration on foreign soil and challenge the foreign policies of the president with respect to the country they’re visiting? Well, when it’s the HuggaBush sisters, McCain and Lieberman, the answer is of course they can!¬† They can even do it in an open news conference.

Andrew Sullivan fleshes it out some:They go to Israel and back prime minister Netanyahu against their own president¬† . . . the man who lost the last election . . . directly undercut[s] the victor’s foreign policy goals, and does so abroad in the very country Obama is trying to push toward change. Lieberman, for his part, is effectively telling the Israelis that Obama does not control US foreign policy with respect to Israel.”

And oh my Lord, here they are on CNN which is playing in the next room. The video is apparently from earlier in the day. There are the two of them, side by side, looking sternly at the camera, the hills of Jerusalem behind them. They aren’t holding hands or dancing, but perhaps that was earlier in the broadcast and I missed it.

These are disgraceful men. Both of them at the tit of the government all of their adult lives, all full of fluff and bother and sticking out their tongues because they aren’t getting their way.