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Libya: Could it be working?

From Foreign Policy this morning:

Top news: Aided by the internationally-imposed no-fly zone, Libya’s rebels are closing in on Muammar al-Qaddafi’s hometown of Sirte after a rapid advance during which they retook hundreds of miles of territory that had been lost in the previous week, including two key oil complexes. . . .  The rebels also scored a diplomatic victory when Qatar became the first Arab country to recognize them as the legitimate government of Libya. Qatar has promised the rebels help in selling their oil on the international market . . .[Obama] scored an victory on Sunday when NATO ambassadors approved a plan for the alliance to take over command of aerial operations from the United States.

Maybe the rebels are a more cohesive group than they’ve appeared to be. Let us hope.

Maybe we can take the Administration at their word. Maybe this will be Grenada, not Afghanistan.