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This is not about Ann Coulter. It is about the NYT reporter Laura M. Holson, who today in a long piece about Coulter quotes her brother saying of the provocative spotlight hugging conservative snarkstress  “She couldn’t wait to get out of the sticks of Connecticut”.

Ms. Holson, in her profile of Coulter, felt no need to expand on that quote. The ‘sticks of Connecticut’ to which the brother referred is New Canaan, Connecticut – 45 miles or so from Ms. Holson’s office –  and one of the wealthiest enclaves in the country. Kids in New Canaan can jump a train after school to go shopping on Fifth Avenue. And be home in time for dinner.

Ms. Holson, you don’t need to challenge your sources. You are, however, expected to expand on comments that beggar credulity.