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Doubting Thomas


Japan and Libya are in the forefront, but here’s a piece from Robert Reich describing how Justice Clarence Thomas recently opined in a speech at the Federalist Society that the criticism he’s been receiving is politicizing the Supreme Court and undermining its credibility. Reich argues that Thomas is as political as anyone on the court:

Thomas has also failed to disclose financial information about his wife’s employment. Virginia Thomas is the founder of Liberty Central, a Tea Party organization now receiving unlimited corporate contributions due to Citizen’s United. Among the things she’s lobbying for are the repeal of what she terms the “unconstitutional” healthcare legislation.

Because of his wife’s direct involvement, seventy-four House Democrats have sent a letter to Justice Thomas asking him to recuse himself from any case questioning the constitutionality of the legislation. “Your spouse is advertising herself as a lobbyist who has ‘experience and connections’ and appeals to clients who want a particular decision”, the legislators wrote. “They want to overturn health-care reform.”

Virginia Thomas’s benefiting from her husband’s ruling is a conflict of interest. And decisions like Citizens United did a lot more to undermine the credibility of the Court than any criticism of Clarence Thomas’s conduct on the bench.