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Friday night oldie

Been swamped this week, had very little time to spend here. I don’t like that! Clearing up soon. But meanwhile, lest Ed get the vapors because I forgot again, here’s the oldie. (Sister Marion Joseph really didn’t like this one; she had to bustle about the dance floor insisting we ‘make room for  the Holy Ghost’.)

Bonus oldie

This performance was even earlier than the one below. What an extraordinary song stylist at such a young age.

Friday night oldie

It’s raining! For the first time in a month or more, it’s raining! Makes me feel all snuggly, like this song.

No reason we can’t have two oldies

No reason at all. Another one of those clips with great audio and a montage of stills. No video.

Friday, Friday, so good to me . . .

Because on Friday I can go peruse my youtube favorites. In so doing, I generally spend an hour or so lost in the 5’s.  When one is retired, there really is no such thing as wasting time – in fact, slow, pleasant, lost hours are often quite delightful. When I was 16, I sat on a lawn with Frank Halprin, wearing a white pleated sharkskin (actually a fabirc) skirt, and we listened to the young Johnny Mathis.

Here’s what I found today: