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Friday night oldie

This has Jerry Lee, so it’s eligible for the Friday slot and it’s got Bruce, so I’m doubly happy, but for any of you who didn’t know the man back in the day, check out the second one.
(UPDATE: youtube took down the Bruce/Jerry Lee video; sorry)

How about two Friday oldies?

One by the ‘real’ Queen, and one from my distant past. A little Freddie (go to 1:25 in for the very best of the man – this one’s from Live Aid in 1984), and a little Jerry Lee (a more mature, more nuanced Jerry Lee and only one time kicking the piano stool) . . .

Trivia question: What other infamous American was Jerry Lee’s cousin?

Who wins the weekend?

Between the Super Bowl and Egypt, this is going to be a ‘news weekend’. So much going on . . . or as Jerry Lee would put it ‘Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On’.  (I’ve got a long book myself.)

This is not the Friday oldie by the way. Because it’s Thursday.

Friday night oldie

The one. The only. Those hillbillies knew how to make music.