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FOX News: My new best friend. Thanks Steve! (whoops, I mean pino!)

In a comment thread below, blogfriend Steve said something about Obama loving GE and liberals loving GE for their green initiatives. That was news to me – I’d always considered GE to one of the more blatant corporations at the government tit (as it’s often so inelegantly called) and a major maker of weapons of war. (Plus the directions that come with their appliances really really suck which should be cause enough on its own to hate them.)

But Steve’s comment sent me surfing and I found this story at FOX, which seemed to track the objection Steve (and I assume many conservatives) have with the appointment of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt as a major Obama advisor.

On liberal sites, the appointment is decidedly not popular. But in reading the FOX story with its questions (coming from such a different point of view)  I found much to like about this appointment. 

So now this liberal may have found an enlightening new way to see the whole story – but not exactly as Steve might have hoped. Where he sees a downside and something suspect, I see an upside and something hopeful and forward looking (if what FOX identified as ‘problems’ is correct).

I’d thank Steve, but I’m not sure he’d appreciate it.

UPDATE/CORRECTIONS: Blogfriend Steve points out that I incorrectly refer (above) to an exchange with him, that was actually with blogfriend pino (and Alan of course). Sorry guys.