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Newt never disappoints

I think Newt’s just jealous of all the press attention being paid to Jeb Bush for speaking truth to power. So of course:

Newt Gingrich: elections are rigged for the rich

Florida Republicans hate trains unless Dagny Taggart builds them

These work just fine!

Jeb Bush and now Gov. Voldemort – along with our friggin’ insance  legislature – share a scorn for the wishes of the electorate.

Around the time he got his brother elected President, Jeb discarded the results of a voter referendum in which over 60% of the voters demanded creation of a light rail project between Tampa and Orlando. Jep said  “pshaw”. Pshaw he said.

So lobbyists were chosen (financed by who the hell knows),and a multi multi million dollar advertising campaign was launched; they appealed to the segment of the electorate who have the memory of gopher turtles and could be counted on to rise up to stop a gobmint takeover of our nonexistent rails system. It worked and they got a repeal on the next ballot. It worked and bye bye rail.

Now cometh Voldemort with a legislature even more insane than the earlier one. When, as our share of the 2010 stimulus, the Feds offered a few hundred million to start building some in-State rail (and create thousands of jobs in the process), the Gov said – in one of his first acts as governor –  pshaw: give it to someone else, we don’t take charity here. So Congress gave it to Ohio. (Even John Kasich knew a good deal when he saw one.)

The leg ‘s new target is an amendment approved in 2010 by 63% of the voters to reform the completely corrupted re-districting process.

Of course money is pouring in again to turn this one around.

UPDATE: I wrote more about the redistricting effort here. (I actually forgot!)

New gov, just like that old gov

Friend Ed brings this, from The Herald Tribune, to my attention this morning:

I want it my way.

Rick Scott, our interesting new Governor, was elected on the same ballot on which the people voted by 63% to approve two constitutional amendments that would force lawmakers to follow new standards for redrawing congressional and legislative districts.

But that doesn’t float Rick’s boat, so he has cavalierly thrown a wrench into the works. Under law, Florida is required to ask the US Justice Department to review the changes (because of past fraud here in cracker heaven). That request went in automatically, but Gov. Scott just withdrew it. For not a single proper reason.

“Florida’s top election office in December asked the federal government to review the two amendments. Former Gov. Charlie Crist supported both measures. But the Scott administration withdrew that request on Jan. 7, or three days after Scott became governor.”

I think the word is disdain – for the law and for the people. Scott was elected with 46% of the vote. The amendments were approved with 63% of the vote. Gives him a clear mandate dontcha see.

The legislature and the Florida Republicans are out to kill the amendments, and if the example set by former gov Jeb Bush is any guide, they may succeed.

(Jeb Bush was horrified when a high speed rail referendum passed overwhelmingly in the same election in which he won his second term.  Jeb got a bit red in the face, stamped his foot and said  “I don’t care what they voted for we just won’t do it in fact we’ll just delay it, force it back onto the next ballot and then hire lobbyists to make the stupid people vote against what they just voted for. Yeah, that’s the ticket!” He did. We did. )

Let the games begin.