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Where do these poor people begin?

We’re all terrified for the Japanese people while simultaneously being fascinated by the scope of the disaster. That’s human nature – it’s compelling and it’s riveting.

Sendai airport

So we watch and listen to the minute by minute updates on the radiation danger. But at the same time, and getting less attention, there are more very serious problems afflicting the country. (I don’t mean to minimize the nuclear threat – radiation is a real and present danger and could even force the eventual long term evacuation of large areas.) 

They’re running out of food and water in shelters. It’s freezing in the north – there was a blizzard of snow yesterday. The Japanese have an enormous elderly population and some of them have found themselves left with only one coat and no way to get out of where they are.  Shelters may not have heat. Some countries have suspended air service to Tokyo. And even there, food supplies are perilously low.

Few governments have ever faced such a multiplicity of crises outside of wartime.

And my government is considering dedicating air power to Libya. Elvis help me, but these failures of the human heart are killing me.