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Clusterfuck Nation*

Meet James Howard Kunstler, non-partisan, equal opportunity curmudgeon who writes and lectures on subjects I find interesting – urbanism, energy, social pathologies, economics (intelligible for the rest of us) and the general stupidness he sees around him. 

In addition,  he’s a painter, a gardener and a long distance bike rider (all the things I wish I were!). He posts every Monday at his website *Clusterfuck Nation. I love the guy.

 Here are some outtakes from recent posts (unlinked, sorry).


We’ve never had more media outlets in the history of this land, or been more poorly informed. Mental fossil George Will fired off a salvo last week against fixing the US railroads. He thinks it’s just a sinister ploy to snatch the people’s “individualism.” Perhaps George hasn’t noticed that other things are operating out there in the polity-space to turn the folks of this land into zombies. After all, they were long ago Continue reading