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Yup. That’s Irish – at least in New York

Just heard this in a Comedy Central commercial from some Irish comic:

St Patrick  is the Patron Saint of Strangers Peeing in your Front Garden.

I love that.

As it always was

Well this is pretty disgusting. I followed a link and found this headline with some pix of Muslims praying on streets in NYC. No comment on that,  just on this headline.

DISGUSTING! OUTRAGEOUS! ASS-IN-THE-AIR MUSLIMS soiling the streets of Manhattan

I’m Irish. My paternal grandparents immigrated to NYC. Public moods were fed by the newspapers of the day, who loved to portray Irish as monkeys.  But, as Jews like to say of their own history, “The came to kill us; we beat them; let’s eat” (I love that).

Anyway, feast your eyes on these.

The one titled CONTRASTED FACES reads – on left – Florence Nightingale, and – on the right – Bridget McBrutish. Cute, eh? Here’s more:


Top ‘o the mornin’ and all that

How my kinsmen got from venerating a Saint to this . . . ?