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Annoying, at the least

The weather. It is teh┬ásuck. After a really lovely early onset Fall here summer returned with a vengeance about four days ago. Perhaps this is the Florida version of what in Connecticut we called “Indian Summer”. But I’ve never experienced it here before.

Now, following a brief period of resistance I switched the AC back on Tuesday night accepting that a second sleepless night – when a remedy was at hand – would serve me ill. And it’s still on today.

An almost fearful glance at the weather forecast just now reassures me that my world returns to its proper place by Saturday.

Thank you elvis.

And I hear it’s snowing in the Dakotas. So it’s proper that summer just be over!

UPDATE: I am aware that – annoyed or not – I, like you dear reader, are fortunate indeed. We can shelter from whatever Mama don’t-mess-with-me throws at us. And we haven’t had any volcanoes or earthquakes here, so . . .