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Labor Day 2013

The annual video:

Capitalism has three legs: resources, capital and labor. It needs all three.

Labor Day 1981

The ILGWU made this commercial in 1981. Their jobs were suddenly leaving the country and they wanted to put up a fight. It didn’t make any difference of course. We all know there’s simply no profit in paying a decent wage to workers. And profit is all to our Ferengi overlords.

(This is a second encore reprise for this video, but today is the right day, yes? And I really love it – it’s a slice of history and perhaps a lesson for those who would blame the unemployed for not having jobs.)

Remember “Made in the U.S.A.”?

It was once a rallying cry. But we lost that one, along with the jobs. I remember when WalMart ran a big ad campaigns showcasing “Made in the USA” labels on thier merchandise – I think they meant the labels. That campagin crashed when it was revealed to be a lie. Not that anyone beleived them anyway.