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I hope the Italians are too worried about teh money to notice

Umm, we’re returning Michaelangelo’s David statue to Italy. Nice of them to loan it, but, well . . . (h/t friend Ed)

What will I ever do when Maru moves on to that big Kibble Korner in the sky?

Flash! Anderson Cooper not afraid of Rush Limbaugh

This is exquisite.

On Thursday, Mr. Limbaugh of Palm  Beach spoke ill of Anderson Cooper, who lightheartedly responded with gentle use of the one weapon that I think has power with the morbidly obese four-times married public moralizer- he mocked him. He as good as said the unsayable: the guy is too fat.

Did Rush lash back on Friday?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I needed a laugh and Sara provided one

Perhaps a nice hot pink? Or how about teal?

She's got that right!

My niece is a funny lady — just now on Facebook:

You know if women were in the Masters that hideous green jacket would be the first thing to go. That’s what they are really scared of. She’d just throw them out and pretend like housekeeping did it.

A new walker for the next generation of seniors

George Takei is inventive and prolific and endlessly entertaining on facebook, where he has a MILLION AND A HALF followers – because he brings us stuff like this: presenting the next big thing . . . The Imperial Walker.

They are watching . . .

Hmmm, Good Friday/Passover oldie for the rest of us?

(give it ten seconds to clear up)

Latest viral giggle: Texts From Hillary

More here.

Colbert Report won a Peabody!

The show got the award for its series of Super PAC segments. Good for them.

Best line: LM. AO.

Rememeber when?

David Brooks reaches. And reaches. Also, the Romneys.

Leno was funny again, so let’s start there:

“Mitt Romney, whose father was born in Mexico, is now talking up his Mexican heritage. Not to be outdone today, Newt Gingrich said he once cheated on one of his wives with a woman named Juanita.”                                             – Jay Leno

David Brooks wrote an Onion-worthy column about Mitt Romney the other day (find yer own link!). The case he made – I should say the absurdist case he made  (if I read it right) –  is that Mitt’s a man of character and persistence because his great-grandfather suffered bigotry and ridicule and poverty and had to move a lot and even had to hide two of his wives sometimes when the neighbors got restive. And that makes the descendents strong and forms their character. Unlike any of our ancestors (except for that wives part).

My favorite line:

Romney seems to share his family’s remorseless drive to rise – whether it’s trying to persuade the French to give up wine, or . . .

Seriously? Very Islamic of him.

Agreed, they are a persistent clan. No one could deny that. His own father was a Governor, ran a huge company and ran for President, just like Willard. But Romney the Elder was born in Mexico –  how could he have been considered a candidate? Anyone know?

The Ouch Award: and the winner is . . .

. . . Maureen Dowd who – in likening campaign efforts by the patricians H.W. Bush and Mitt Romney to appear as just ‘regular guys’ – penned this:

It’s like watching little boys in Topsiders trying to act all gangsta.

Simple and simply delightful