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I loathe Howie Kurtz. I have always loathed Howie Kurtz.

And now I loathe him even more. This most conflicted of ‘media critics’ and all around shallow man managed to tweet this today.

Howie tops himself

Just before pulling the curtain (for decency’s sake) over the corpse of his show on CNN this morning, Kurtz turned to the media-story-of-the-week, the Jon Stewart/Bernie Goldberg snap-back-athon.  Kurtz – as only he can – managed to edit out Stewart’s most memorable line, the one which took aim directly a Howie’s beloved industry.

Stewart n0w-famously said “I have not moved the comedian box into the news box. The news box is moving toward me.”

Guess which part of that Kurtz edited out?

It’s still morning here . . .

And there’s just a whiff of summer in the air. In Florida, a little sweat from gently wielding a broom is another signal. Now, my interest in completion of the pool project sharpens. Meanwhile, part of the lanai is without screens which means sliders on the back of the house must remain closed as the rain of the last 60 days left lots of standing water in culverts (and unfinished pools) so there are more mosquitoes than usual. And some wasps have taken up residence as well.

All that is of minor import when the Sunday gasbags are doing their weekly damage and attention must be paid.  The biggest offender this week is CNN who own the shame that is “Reliable Sources“, a one hour show hosted by CNN’s media critic Howie Kurtz. Who also happens to be The Washington Post’s media critic.  On neither platform does he ever find fault with either paymaster. Works out real well for the media giants and Howie gets to feel important.

Today, having noticed the move toward fact checking Sunday shows after the fact, Howie decided to give it a try. He calls it ‘truth squading’ (the man is a wordsmith). Do not, I repeat, do not try to find this segment online and if you do – do not, I repeat, do not watch it. This stuff is dangerous to your health.

Not quite as dangerous though as being in Afghanistan, where it is the 199th day of the ninth year of the War there.