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Anybody seen these guys?

I won’t miss Newt, but gosh I miss these two.

Cain on manhood


In a wide-ranging GQ interview a thoughtful Herman Cain presents his views on the nature and expression of masculinity:

Chris Heath: What can you tell about a man by the type of pizza that he likes?

Herman Cain: [repeats the question aloud, then pauses for a long moment] The more toppings a man has on his pizza, I believe the more manly he is.

Chris Heath: Why is that?

Herman Cain: Because the more manly man is not afraid of abundance. [laughs]

Devin Gordon: Is that purely a meat question?

Herman Cain: A manly man don’t want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza.

The Newtster has some advice for Herman Cain

My first advice is what he hasn’t done, which is say nothing until you sit down with your lawyers and with the people who know the facts,” Gingrich said. “You thoroughly and completely understand them and you go through a period where everybody asks you —  in your team —  every possible negative question so you thoroughly understand what will happen.”

Got that?

Mr. 4-to-9 Percent also thinks it’s between Romney and his excellent self now.


As a woman, as a liberal, let me just say . . .

. . . that I think many claims of sexual harassment in the workplace should be viewed with some skepticism and close scrutiny. Sure, sometimes it’s real and ugly and all that stuff. But far too often it’s not. I’ve known young women who see harassment in a clumsy compliment, and seem not to know the difference.

I don’t care if Cain did or didn’t. He’s only on a book tour anyway.